AR500 Armor 10″ x 12″ ASC Carbon Nanotube IIIA Soft Body Armor


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AR500 Armor 10″ x 12″ ASC Carbon Nanotube IIIA Soft Body Armor



  • 10” x 12” CNT Body Armor will fit stand-alone or conjunction with hard armor in Plate Carriers capable of accepting up to Medium and Large SAPI plates
  • Advanced Shooters Cut (ASC) – Patent Pending
  • Carbon Nanotube Reinforced
  • Non-Newtonian Back face, improves back face deformation and dampens energy transfer
  • Ultra-Light at only 1lb
  • Ultra-Thin
  • Flexible
  • Tested to defeat threats up to IIIA – including .44 Magnum, and .357 Sig
  • Multi-Hit Capable within IIIA standards
  • Stand-Alone
  • Anti-Microbial to protect against odor, fungi, and bacteria

Out of stock

AR500 Armor® Carbon Nanotube Soft Body Armor is Ultra-Light, Ultra-Thin, and extremely Flexible. Carbon Nanotube Soft Body Armor is the pinnacle of soft armor technology. Utilizing the latest Carbon Nanotube technology and proprietary Non-Newtonian back-face foam, AR500 Armor® CNT body armor is the most robust, light-weight, flexible, and affordable level IIIA soft body armor in the industry!

Now available in 10” x 12” with our patent pending Advanced Shooters Cut! Equip your existing plate carrier with the latest technology in soft body armor. IIIA rated for pistol threats up to .44 Magnum, and .357 Sig, and compatible with any plate carrier capable of accepting Medium and Large SAPI plates. Our CNT body armor performs excellent in a concealed plate carrier stand-alone or in conjunction with AR500 Armor® Level III body armor for added comfort and blunt force trauma mitigation. While running in conjunction with hard armor you can simply drop your level III hard plates when you require a light weight and flexible IIIA armor system.

Carbon Nanotubes have finally found their way into body armor applications. AR500 Armor® is proud to lead the way with this new technology. Carbon Nanotubes are tiny strands with incredible strength, described as being as harder than diamonds. The addition of Carbon Nanotubes increases effectiveness in multi-hit capabilities and allows creation of a lighter weight, thinner profile, more reliable, and robust armor solutions than body armor that use only Dyneema, Kevlar, or Aramid. Soft armor consisting of only Kevlar and/or Dyneema often costs more, weighs more, and requires more layers making them thicker, less flexible, and less ergonomic.

Back face deformation is also a concern with soft body armor as it directly translates to what you feel in the event of taking a round. Existing soft armor on the market uses high density foam to increase comfort and decrease back face deformation. AR500 Armor® Carbon Nanotube soft body armor uses a Non-Newtonian foam, a material that instantaneously hardens under pressure which improves performance by decreasing back face deformation and more efficiently spreads energy throughout a larger surface area of the body armor. This results in less energy transfer through the soft armor, and less back face deformation compared to traditional, thicker, high density foams.


Size: 10” x 12″, Advanced Shooters Cut – Patent Pending (Right hand cut by default, Left hand by request only)

Weight: 1.0 lb.


Contents: Sold in singles

Rating: Rated to level IIIA Threats. Pistol calibers such as 22LR, 9mm, .40 s&w, .45, 10mm, .357 magnum, up to .44 magnum and .357 sig

Maintenance: AR500 Armor® Carbon Nanotube body armor is sealed in a durable rip-stop nylon sleeve. Anti-Microbial properties protect against odor, fungi, and bacteria. Simply wipe with warm damp cloth to clean.

Our new line utilizes the absolute latest advancements in soft body armor technology. AR500 Armor® will always stay true to our philosophy of offering the most reliable, and affordable body armor in the industry.


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