Umbra Arms supports several design projects as part of its Research and Development Initiative.  Umbra RESDEV Projects are meant to advance the state of the art of self defense, weaponry, and protection devices and tactics.

Current Projects

Umbra Arms LLC’s Signature Gun-fighting Pistol

Umbra RESDEV is engaged in the design of its signature defensive/carry sidearm. The Python is a Glock variant outfitted with a balanced assortment of gun-fighting modifications ranging from Lights ad Lasers to Cerokoting and Night Sites.

Release 1.1

Release 1.2

Available starting May 2014, the latest installment of Umbra RESDEV’s mandate to create the better defensive pistol, Python 1.2 takes a great pistol and makes it even better!

The Python 1.2 is designed to give several product options to the individual shooter.  RESDEV has added a low-key “sniper grey” cerokoted finish to provide maximum protection to the slide components while drawing as little attention to itself in the field as possible.  Other modifications include:

  • Stippling of the polymer frame in three levels  from grip panels only, grip contact points, and whole frame stippling.  Stippling provides superior grip control and handling during shooting.  Even with wet or sweaty hands, stippling enhances the grip surface to ensure a positive shooting grip.  Gloved shooting is also improved.
  • Night Sights in either Regular or Suppressor-height profiles.
  • Magazine well plug for faster reloading during operation.
  • Glock Factory Threaded Barrel to make your Python suppressor-ready out of the box.
  • Trigger Modifications to reduce the slack in the trigger pull.  No changes to the trigger pull pressure have been made, to ensure proper safe action handling in combat and defensive carry situations.  Trigger springs remain a factory setting of 5.5pounds-force.  All bearing and sliding surfaces have been polished and smoothed to create the smoothest possible trigger pull in a safe action pistol.

Release 2.1

Umbra Arms’ RESDEV team has further enhanced the Python Glock with a Slide Cuts and Optional Trigger installation.  New Cerakoting options now available.